The Atco Ghost

Where the Hell is Atco New Jersey?

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Portal To Hell House Sold

Interesting from Gary, Indiana

zak bagansZak Bagans, presenter of Ghost Hunters, has bought the ‘portal to hell’ house. He says he wants to document what’s living there and investigate claims of demons. In 2012 Latoya Ammons alleges that her and her children were possessed and her daughter actually levitated above her bed. Also a clear liquid seeped from the walls, and footsteps could be heard on the basement stairs. Doctors, nurses, a priest, and several police officers have all corroborated events which include her son walking backwards up a wall.

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gary ghost

Here’e another article and some more photos.  Click Here!

Whitesbog Ghost Town

Another South Jersey Ghost Tale.

Whitesbog in Southern New Jersey is a State Preserved Historical site that some say is haunted.  Many people visit this site each year and who knows what goes on??  Anyone know anything about this supposed haunted ghost town??

The story of Whitesbog begins with the former Hanover Iron Furnace (now Fort Dix). The production of iron was a dynamic and important industry in the Pines, but ultimately the most destructive. The process of dredging the land and diverting water had a devastating effect on the land. Ironically, it was the physical conditions produced by the iron industry that set the stage for cranberry cultivation.

Blueberries and Cranberries became the main use of the land and the little town prospered until human labor was replaced with machiney. As such production declined and so did the little town. In the 60’s the State turned it into a State Historical Site.

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Paranormal Investigation Opportunity


SATURDAY MARCH 2ND 2013 – 7:00PM until really, really late…

(or early Sunday morning depending which way you look at it)

Participate in an offical paranormal investigation of several haunted locations throughout Atco, NJ and the surrounding area!! Also included is an Italian Buffet and Lecture… Bring any type of Ghost Hunting Gear you want! You will be trained by top notch Investigators in the field!

Elaine DeAngelo, Founder of Quest, Winner of Paranormal Challenge Pennhurst and as seen on the Animal Planet’s “The Haunted”


and as seen on several TV Shows including Paranormal Challenge Pennhurst

Brian Harnois, from Haunted RI on Rhode Island PBS and formerly of Ghost Hunters and Ghost Hunters International

Nathan Drake Schoonover of Paranormal Challenge Pennhurst and A & E’s Extreme Paranormal…..

more to be announced…..

Hunts will include the Atco Ghost, Grazianos Restaurant, a historic location where Ulysses S Grant once slept, and more to be announced!!

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A New Orleans Ghost Story

Does the Ghost of a Serial Killer Still Walk the Halls of LaLaurie Mansion in New Orleans?

By Marlene Pardo

The three-storied home at 1140 Royal Street (Rue Royale) in the French Quarter is presently for sale for a cool $2.9 million, but for many years it stood empty and ruined. It was only back during 1832 when it was just newly built for its owners, Dr. and Madame LaLaurie that it was as beautifully furnished as it is now.

For two years Delphine LaLaurie, a Creole socialite, hosted lavish soirees that were attended by all the prominent citizens in New Orleans; however all that changed on a spring afternoon on April 10th, 1834 when an old Negress cook set a fire in the kitchen. Neighbors rushed in to save valuables, including the slaves and what they found confirmed their suspicions beyond their worse expectation.

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